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I love capturing moments of true emotion: the cry, the head-tossing laugh, the scowl. The humanity of the world, frozen in time and space, captured for future generations to see. 

a season dedicated to humanity

Over the years, I've realized that in order to make good design, you have to really understand who you are designing for. It takes a careful and thoughtful understanding of the way people will engage with it. Whether it is the weight of paper and the texture of a business card or the way light shines through the window of a family's kitchen in the summer versus the winter, each require a thorough consideration of all aspects of the design.

I believe good design starts with a humble heart and open ears. It starts with an honest conversation about the product, place, or intention. My job as a designer is to distill the ideas and to translate that for the world. I hope to do just that, through design, architecture, and photography.



Chasing Light with KDWHITE
June 2017

Mission Trip to Jeffrey's Bay and Humansdorp, South Africa
April 2017

Mother's Day Portraits
Humansdorp, South Africa

Victory4All Rainbow Skills Center
Humansdorp, South Africa

Staff Headshots for the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture
(yes, i am a staff member.)
May 2017

Offline Society Meets SOoma
(Sooma - a Local Meal-kit company building community through eating together)
May 2017

DOXA Winery Day 2017

Curious in Seattle
March 2016



Graduate Thesis Project - Masterplan for Memphis, TN

Graduate Thesis Project - Masterplan for Memphis, TN

Deep Surface: Engaging the Terra Viscus

243 acres in Memphis, TN, is described as "Shaded Zone X" on the FEMA flood insurance maps. This area is in the center of the municipal boundary and has contains over 200 buildings, 25 roads and an underground water management system that people call "the cavern." After overlaying year and years of maps, I found that Shaded Zone X actually used to describe the watershed of the Gayoso Bayou, a bayou that used to serve as the eastern edge of "Downtown Memphis." Over the last century, the bayou has been covered and mechanized into an underground water management system that expels water from the city to the Mighty Mississippi through a pumping station built in the 1920s. 

Deep Surface explores the potential of a revival of the Gayoso Bayou to serve as temporal landscape weaving throughout the cities landscape. A new development that considers the ecology of the place, the impending flood, and the earthquake liquefaction zone (which runs along where the bayou once ran).

Read more about this project on Archinect.

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